Green point vision and mission

When we at BITZER started with the Green Point concept ten years ago already, we had a clear vision of the growing importance of services and after-sales in the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Process business segments. In the future, services will be even more important and the portfolio will continue to develop alongside sales of original BITZER spare parts as well as compressor repairs and remanufacturing. BITZER is the leading compressors manufacturer in the world, holding the largest market share in reciprocating and screw compressors in practically each country. As such, BITZER has the responsibility to provide the right services to its customers - locally and with the needed market flexibility. This is why Green Point was created.

Green Point offers state-of-the-art BITZER compressor care and services, close to customers and interacting with local markets. We provide manufacturer’s quality standards when it comes to compressor overhauls, repairs and remanufacturing, ensuring the reliability, performance and durability of the equipment. Green Point workshops use only 100% original BITZER spare parts and refrigeration oil, committing to quality and safety for users, engineers and technicians. Depending on the region, our workshops can also offer a comprehensive stock of available original spares and oil.  

Green Point in the UK

Green Point U.K. officially launched in April 2014 by BITZER and is based at the company’s UK headquarters in Milton Keynes, alongside the BITZER UK offices. The UK operation joins its 45 global Green Point partners in specialising in remanufacturing and repairing compressors to the highest OEM standards. Green Point U.K. operates out of its purpose-built facility housing a vast local stock of exchange compressors. We are the only UK-based operation that can completely remanufacture BITZER screw compressors, offering the highest quality of product and services in the UK market.

green point concept

The Green Point network focuses its activities to fulfil your requirements. Close cooperation with BITZER ensures consistent quality for all the operations carried out in each workshop. Each Green Point workshop combines local market awareness with the global vision of a leading manufacturer like BITZER, minimizing the communication barriers within each region and ensuring achievable consistency in quality and reliability.
Green Point will make you feel confident of being in the right place where the care of your compressors will be the first priority.

The Green Point service network offers you excellence in compressor repairs:

  • Genuine spare parts: the high quality of the original parts will guarantee higher performance and reliability for your compressor. Non-original spare parts have no place in our workshops.
  • Professionalism: our team of highly trained experienced professionals will not only provide you with efficient and quality services, but will also ensure that all your needs and concerns will be addressed.
  • Expertise: a reliable partner who can solve all your problems. Our group of highly trained technicians is always updated on the latest developments in BITZER products and always enjoys the strong support of BITZER.



  • Resources: always keeping you updated and giving you options and alternatives to suit your business requirements: these are the resources that Green Point is proud to offer. Not only doing the job but offering solutions as well.
  • Environmental care: going green has always been a consistent effort and policy at BITZER and this also applies to Green Point. Environmental responsibility, policy and practice are guiding rules for all the workshops.
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