Green Point Conference October 2011 - Ho Chi Min City

The perception of the Green Point brand in the market and the understanding of the benefits resulting from high quality compressor services, have steadily increase ever since the concept of Green Point was launched the first time in 2006. Within the BITZER Head Quarter as well, the after sales business has become a key role and the establishment of a responsible figure coordinating after sales activities on a global scale underlines the direction the BITZER is taking.

After the opening of the first workshop in Indonesia in 2007 and the first franchise Green Point in Singapore in 2009, the network has expanded on a fast pace not only in Asia but in India and China as well.

For all these reasons the time was come to hold the first Green Point Conference, gathering representatives of the existing Green Points, BITZER Head Quarter representatives and partners interested in the project.

The conference was hold in Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam) on October 21st taking the whole day split in different type of activities. In the first half of the day the responsible for the after sales business within the Head Quarter, together with the persons in charge of each area for the Green Point project have illustrated updated results, current status of the network development, outlooks for the coming year and relevant achievements in each country through the network.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to interactive workshops which gave the chance to each Green Point to bring on the table of discussion information, experiences and requirements that each market by nature requires.

All in all it was clear that the first Green Point Conference resulted in a successful event. All the attendants reported positive feedbacks and each Green Point had the chance to see and personally experience the commitment that BITZER has on this project, also outlined by Mr Schaufler opening speech.

Given the positive outcome of the meeting and in view of the fast expansion that the Green Point network will go through the next years, a new Green Point Conference will be hold in 2 years from now with the expectation of more positive results and an enlarged audience.