Ten-year anniversary of Green Point and SRSB

Back in 2006, BITZER started to implement the Green Point Concept, with one concept in Europe and South East Asia each. Also SRSB (Société de Reconstruction et de Services BITZER), a fully owned subsidiary of BITZER SE, has brought forward the BITZER renowned-quality level for compressor servicing ever since its foundation in France in March 2006. Following the merge of the Asian and European concepts, SRSB has been appointed as the Green Point Competence Centre. Together with the regional Master Green Points, SRSB designs and rolls out specific tools and service concepts in more than 45 local Green Points. Over the last ten years, the 30 highly qualified employees of SRSB have repaired and remanufactured more than 20,000 compressors – thereof around 3,000 BITZER screw compressors – in their facilities in Combs-la-Ville near Paris. Furthermore, the SRSB compressor-services-dedicated training centre hosted more than 400 technicians and engineers from 26 different countries. Currently, the Green Point Competence Centre is working on developing new services to further support BITZER customers (OEMs, distributors and contractors) on a global basis.

Just two out of 20,000 BITZER compressors which have been overhauled by SRSB in the past ten years