Repair services

Hyundai data centers

South Korea

One of the latest outstanding projects, is the Preventive Maintenance of 14 compact screw compressors CSH9553-180Y-35D, completed at the end of June by Green Point Korea. The team in South Korea carried out the overhaul of all screw compressors, installed on 7 air cooled chillers providing the vital air conditioning to one of the Hyundai data centers in the country. Due to the size of the project and the stringent requirements in terms of reliability and up-time dictated by the application itself, the complete job spanned from April to June, with compressors returning in batches of 2 to 4 each time, according to a pre-agreed schedule with the client.

The ability to plan the most effective schedule, according to customer requests, and the possibility to keep the system up and running are only 2 of the advantages that the Preventive Maintenance service can offer to clients. Solutions available under Repair, Audit and Replacement Services, within the Service Cycle, are the perfect answer to all applications where no compromise is accepted when it comes to efficiency and reliability.