All Master Green Point locations are equipped to provide both compressor repair services and unique training courses, detailing comprehensive compressor repairing and support. Incorporated into the training courses are modules dealing with the diagnosis of system failures and operational trouble-shooting. A new specific seminar covering retrofit of R404A/R507A systems is now available. Such modules raise the Green Point service to a more holistic failure repair and prevention package and ensure smooth transition of existing systems.

Seminars are intended exclusively for technicians being qualified for refrigerant handling, maintenance companies, installers, design offices.

For the Green Point Franchises, initial seminar and refresh sessions, please contact directly the competence centre :

Dates of seminars 2022

Reciprocating Compressors + Retrofit of R404A systems: Duration: 3 + 1 (optional) days

  • March 14- 16 (17)
  • October 17 - 19 (20)

Screw Compressors: Duration: 3 days

  • April 4 - 6
  • November 14 - 16

On request, we can offer a private training session with a maximum of 5 participants.

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